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Project Philosophy

To have a good quality of life anywhere in the world, individuals have the same requirements. It is no different whether you are in a small village in the provinces of the Gambia or New York City in America. For this quality of life to be possible the following "Elements for Existence" have to be in place.

  • Adequate, nutritious food
  • Adequate, clean water
  • Permanent home
  • Satisfying occupation
  • Security
  • Community

Without one or more of these elements, levels of existence become unacceptable and attention is focused on their provision by any means available.

The Home Farm Project will supply these elements of existence by design.

When the "Elements for Existence" are catered for, villagers will have the opportunity to enjoy:

  • Good health
  • Dignity
  • Comfort / Beauty
  • Motivation
  • Companionship / Love
  • Self-respect

Leading to:

  • Wealth (not only money)
  • Integrity / Responsibility
  • Energy
  • Spirituality / Peace
  • Creativity / Stimulation
  • Wisdom

Leading to:

  • Generosity - (sharing excesses)
  • Teaching - (sharing knowledge)
  • Celebration

Surprisingly, more of these "Elements of Existence" are at present available to people here in Gambian villages than in New York. And, for those Gambians who can recognise and appreciate it, a full life of peace and prosperity could be available here which is no longer possible in the west.

People have access to their own land on which to make their permanent home. They have their family around them and their own village community for support. This is almost impossible to find in the west and is grossly underestimated by many Gambians until they venture abroad. The opportunity of having the satisfaction to make a livelihood serving your own community and helping to guide it in the direction of the common good is also rarely possible now in Europe and the West.

Most people in the west have to work long hours for anonymous multinational corporations making money for someone they do not know and are unconnected with the outcome of their labours. Young illegal immigrants from Africa often get involved in occupations such as selling drugs on the black market to survive.

Home Farms will provide Adequate, Nutritious Food

  • Kitchen Garden - Producing vegetables and fruit for the family all year round
  • Market Garden - Producing vegetables, fruit, nuts and cereals for the family and for sale all year round.
  • Orchard - Producing a variety of perennial fruit, nuts and seeds for the family and for sale
  • Field Crops - Summer season crops for winter food and bulk cash sales

Home Farms will provide Adequate, Clean Water

A communal cement lined well to serve the 4 gardens.

An appropriately powered water pump. This will be installed to provide a plentiful and accessible water supply for domestic and garden use.

Water will be pumped into a central raised header tank.

This will link to interconnected cemented water butts around the 4 properties to pipe water, by gravity feed, to where it is needed.

Home Farms will provide a Permanent Home

The young men running the Home Farm should be willing to build permanent homes there for themselves and their families. Until then we have incorporated plans for a basic 2 man local garden hut for nighttime accommodation and storage. The gardens are never left unattended.

Home Farms will provide a Satisfying Occupation

The day to day running of the farm will provide work and interest for the young men with the added incentive of running an efficient business, teaching others about food production and nutrition and helping to provide a basic necessity (ie a plentiful supply of food) for other villagers. It is hoped that satisfaction can be gained from the challenge of successfully establishing a realistic example of sustainable development.

Home Farms will provide Security

The land will be legally transferred and individuals will be encouraged to register ownership to protect their future rights. This way the farms can be developed over the years in the knowledge that any effort put in will benefit future generations of their families. Because the farms are based as far as possible on principles of sustainability, they should permanently supply all the elements of existence by design.

Home Farms will provide Community

It is an objective of the Project that families will be able to stay together. Men can stay in their villages. Village groups such as Scouts, Young Farmers, Pioneers for Self-reliance and other Community Projects can be introduced and village life can thrive and prosper.

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