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Aims and Objectives

Project Aims

The aims of the Home Farm Project are:

  • To help interested young people to establish permanent Home Farms on their own land in their own village.

  • To provide permanent access to plentiful, nutritious food to the people of the village.

  • To support other artisans and tradesmen within the village.

  • To give more prestige to traditional skills and practices, portraying them as a valuable asset within a sustainable community.

  • To train young people in skills needed for a self-reliant lifestyle.

The Objective

The objective is:

  • To permanently sustain, develop and enhance life in rural Gambian villages.

A Brief Outline of the Home Farm Project

The Home Farm Project helps young men who want to stay in, (or return to), their home village to develop their own Market Garden. (Village land is normally allocated free to citizens of the village at the discretion of the Alkalo). These businesses in turn make available much needed fresh, organic vegetables and fruit for the local market.

We fence 4 gardens, dig a shared cement-lined well and install a suitable pump driven by renewable energy. This supplies water, which is directed via a gravity fed pipe system, to tanks around the gardens. Tools and seeds are supplied and training is given in local languages in Market Gardening together with basic Accounting and the principles, techniques and philosophy of Permaculture.

The land will be registered as a land trust which will ensure that, although it will be owned by the individuals and can be handed down from generation to generation, it must remain in trust for food production and cannot be sold for any other use. The owners must agree that :

  1. The land will be permanently used for the sole purpose of food production and cannot be sold for any other purpose.
  2. The garden will not be used for the monoculture of cash crops. At least half the area will be used to grow a continuous supply of a wide variety of fruit and vegetables for home consumption and for sale locally.
  3. The Home Farmers will be responsible for ensuring that the area is permanently in use and is productive.
  4. As far as possible organic methods of gardening are to be followed.
  5. The owners will take up permanent residence on the land. The garden will not be left unattended at any time and will be guarded during the night.
  6. The Home Farmers will agree between themselves arrangements for the maintenance of fire breaks, fences and the care of the horse and agree to attend and follow HFP training in gardening techniques and skills when needed.
  7. The owners will agree that the garden be monitored by a Regional Team Leader, who will take monthly reports to the Home Farm Project Committee.
  8. The Village Development Committee (VDC) agree to report any deviation from these conditions to the HFP.
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