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What you can do to help

  • You can offer practical assistance or advice
  • You can help with financial support
  • You can become a volunteer either here or in the Gambia
  • You can become a sponsor

Practical Help

  • Providing or advising on specialist skills and knowledge either here in the UK or in the Gambia
  • Becoming a fund raiser either here in the UK or in the Gambia
  • Become a local representative in your own community
  • Help with publicity and the media - Spread the word
  • Please contact Sandy Wansbury or Bee Hancox

Financial Help

If you want to support us in our work, become a Member of the Home Farm Project and receive our quarterly newsletters. Please :

  • Call us to become a member and to set up a regular monthly Standing Order (minimum 5)
  • Or Send a one off donation
  • Or Become a Project Sponsor

Thank you in advance on behalf of all the young men who will benefit from your contribution.



These could be anyone with suitable skills and experience who would like to help young men in the provinces of the Gambia benefit from the various initiatives the Home Farm Project offers. If you are interested in any way please contact us.

If you have a little time on their hands and could help us with the admin work and generally lend a hand either in the UK or in the Gambia contact Sandy (07919 656531) or Bee (01730 818277). If you live near Petersfield why not come along to a monthly meeting and meet the group.

Contact Sandy Wansbury at
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